In 1963 Florentine Van Espen, born and raised in Tremelo (Belgium), went with the AFI (Association Fraternelle Internationale) to this poor country as a development-aid worker. She realized that education – in the first place being able to read and write – acquiring the expertise for a trade or profession and some general knowledge would, not only for boys but also for girls, would be they key to progress for the whole region around Garango.
The Garango foundation is an association whose aim is to support development activities in Garango – Burkina Faso with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations as our guideline.
We started of in April 2002 on the initiative of Marcel Van Bael.
Together with Louis Amand and Victor Van Espen we promote all activities concerning education.
Maurice Geudens is responsible for the financial adoptions.
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